Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog! Check out in this entry how was made!

About me

Welcome to my brand-new blog! My name is David Torralbo, a backend developer from Banyoles (Girona). You can learn more about me here.

I'm going to take advantage of this space on the internet to share all the knowledge I can about tech, as well as improve myself in different aspects, such as entering content in this blog in English, which is not my native language (Catalan and Spanish are).

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do it through this form.

Or if you want to know my tech uses, you can check out this page.

About this blog

This blog has been hosted in a dedicated server from Kimsufi (the cheaper one).

This server is managed through Laravel Forge, which saves me several hours of server managing which could spent in developing time: Deploys, SSL, Databases, PHP and nginx configurations, scheduler...


This blog has been developed in PHP 7.4 8.0 over Laravel Framework 8.0.

Also uses MySQL 8 relational database to store all the posts, pages and Laravel required tables.

I also use Wink from Mohamed Said. It is a very useful package that prepares your blog to be managed very easy through an admin panel. You can take care of:

  1. Page and posts content administration (rich text editor or markdown)
  2. Images administration
  3. SEO friendly (slugs, meta tags, Facebook or Twitter cards...)
  4. Tags

And much more!


On the front I use Tailwind CSS which optimizes my CSS at the highest level. Specifically I have used Tailwind UI which are some UI components crafted by Tailwind creators.

I also use Laravel Livewire which helps me to focus as long as possible on the backend. (So, no need of Vue.JS or React on this blog ?)

This stack has helped me to obtain 100/100 points at Pagespeed Insights from Google. I will detail it later on a future post.

Open sourced

This blog has been open sourced at GitHub. You can take a look here.

Hope you enjoy it!